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What I want is a simple application that i can add fields that takes GPS coordinates and tells me what country it is in. A: I found the answer (thanks to this post) for using the field type "location" to get GPS coordinates. Install MySQL. Set your host to localhost. Download phpMyAdmin Log into phpMyAdmin Click on the users tab and select the "test" user account Click on the Databases tab. Click the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the page. Select "Create a New Database". Select "Standard" as the database type. Click "Create Database". In the window that opens up, click "Forward". Click the name of the database you just created. Click the "Import" tab. Click "Select All" in the "Schema" drop down. Click the "SCHEMA" tab. Click "Extended". Click "Basic" for the "Field Types" option. Click "OK". Click "Select All" in the "Extensions" tab. Click the "PHP" tab. Click "Import" In the box that opens up, click "Browse" Click the drop down "File type" Select "CSV" Click "Browse" and navigate to the directory that contains the file you want to import. Click "Open" and then click "Import". Click "OK" Back in the window that opened up, click "Fields". Click the "Add" button. Type "Location" in the "Field name" box. In the "Field type" box, click "Location" Click the "Input" button. Click "Select" in the "Match type" drop down. Click "Street address" in the "Search method" drop down. Click "Match case" in the "Match" drop down. Click "Expression" in the "Expression" drop down. Type the following in the "Expression" box: [g:GPSCoordinates]% Click "Save". Click the "test" user account again. Go to the "Views" tab. Click the "SQL" button. Click "Expression" Click "SQL




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Track Builder 3.1g.rar Latest

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